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Given below is a brief description of the types of performances, workshops and lessons offered as well as some information concerning lesson structure and the instruments. For further details or to schedule lessons or workshops please phone (802) 753-8062 or write to me at pipingtool@gmail.com.

Bagpiping for all Occassions

Represents Dan playing Highland pipes

Throughout European history, particularly that of Scotland and Ireland, bagpipers have been prominent figures at social gatherings. Whether it be a wedding, a country dance, a wake, an interment or any number of occasions, formal or informal, bagpipes create an air of elegance, excitement and stirring beauty. This tradition has continued wherever Scottish and Irish immigrants have settled and that spirit has passed into the greater community.

Musical programmes for weddings, funerals or other functions vary depending on the geography and geometry of the venue and the personal wishes of those organising the event. A brief and friendly chat is usually all that is required to choose music and workout the basic scheduling. To arrange a consultation, a booking or just for more information please write to pipingtool@gmail.com or phone (802) 753-8062. Below are a few examples of tunes/melodies that I am particularly fond of. Other specific tunes may be requested.

“We hired Dan for our wedding in July 2010. It was one of the best wedding service decisions we made. Not only is Dan a gifted piper but he provided creative solutions to problems we faced with our site specific outdoor processional and ceremony. As the saying goes, ‘even the best laid plans...’”

Some tunes which work particularly well for weddings:

Some more sombre tunes more suited to funerals:

Teaching Workshops

The World of the Scottish traditional music and of the Bagpipe in particular is a vast and complex one and one in which the boundary between myth and real history is often ill defined. The interplay of historical events and cultural, artistic and linguistic developments that have shaped this instrument and its repertoire is a topic that is of importance not only to pipers but also to players and enthusiasts of the traditional music of the British Isles in general.

Some knowledge of the historical and cultural context for the development of particular musical forms and styles is important with respect to how a player of any instrument chooses to approach the music including how they might execute ornamentation, phrasing and variation. I am, therefore, happy to give workshops and classes, based not only on the teaching of instrumental music but including, or focusing on, various other topics related to it.


Neither possession of a bagpipe nor the ability to read music is necessary for a beginning piper. Enthusiasm for the music and a Practice Chanter are all you need to get started. For flute or whistles all you need is a whistle and they may be acquired in just about any music shop (obviously if you have a flute that’s grand but a whistle will suffice for learning). Guitar lessons, as you might expect, do require the posession of a guitar.

Lessons can be conducted one-on-one or in a group. They may be conducted on site or by Skype for ease of travel. One-on-one lessons typically run for 30 to 60 minutes, depending on student’s level and objective and may be purchased singly for $45/hour or in prepaid blocks of five for $200. Group lessons usually run for 60 to 90 minutes and durations and schedules are negotiable depending on focus and number of participants. Teaching locations are flexible throughout central New England though I generally try to schedual lessons in blocks for a particular area to minimise travel time, expense and carbon footprint. Lesson times are scheduled according to mutual availability and convenience. See Cancellation Policy

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