“This is a classic. This was the first thought I had after listening to it for the first time. There are a lot of those that practice art in unique variations with no craft and those that have craft, they certainly know their discipline, but no art. Dan Houghton and those with him, John Bews, Charity Peffer, Iain MacHarg, on this CD have both art and craft. On the pipes alone it is a tour de force.

“I need only start first with the last: Ged theid mi do m’leabaidh is beag mo shunnd leis a chadal/Beverly’s Waltz which without the “bling” of “Celt Rock” builds up on you interweaving the contemporary with the traditional for a wonderful waltz finale. This has genuine “bling” of its own.

“The opening cut on this CD is a full speed ahead combination with pipes leading the way of Ho, gura h-aighearachd a nochd a dol a laighe mi/The Pig Town Fling/Harris Dance/Sheateadh Cailleach Ruidhleadh Cailleach. What is great throughout is that whatever the pace or theme they all are gems that you will want to listen to. I've only singled out some here.

“There is song here. One most notable and powerful is Dan singing Hamish Henderson’ The 51st Highland Division’s Farewell to Sicily. This is served up straight in the Broad Scots, not in the translated form. It loses nothing to me, indeed is all the stronger, as a great song indeed about the frustrations of war, referencing that campaign and war of now seventy years ago

“The title cut The Long March Home/Campbell’s Farewell to Redcastle/I’m A Freeborn Man morphs easily from the instrumentals into the song of Ewan MacColl’s classic. There is also a great The World Turned Upsidedown combined with An t-Allt Glass.

“One grand cut is that sums up both art and craft is the cut Cailleach an Dudain/Fosgail an Doras/Caileag an Taighe/Is coma leam fhin am Minstear This begins as mouth music from Dan and builds into a full blown set with the pipes. As something that is right on with the tradition and history, the top level of musical craft and art that wraps you up in it's sound the way a great painting draws you in this would be hard to top.

“If you like real tradition that is relevant and new on this CD you need to add The Long March Home to your collection.”

—Art Ketchen, Celtic Beat Magazine, April 2012

“...Dan Houghton has presented a gentler mix of pipes, acoustic guitar and vocals, although on tracks like “Cuir Laighe Bean a’ Bhainnse…” he shows that he can kick it out just fine, thanks.

“Dan has written most of the tunes and songs on the recording, showing a good mix of styles. He also plays highland pipes, borderpipes, smallpipes, whistles, flute, guitar and bouzouki as well as singing. He is backed by Iain MacHarg (who engineered the recording), Charity Peffer on vocals and Jon Bews on fiddle.

“I was impressed by the polish on all the tracks here; there is no weak one to be found. Dan is equally at home with slow ballads like “A World Turned Upside Down” as he is on the toe-tappers. For me this was simply an enjoyable listen start to finish.”

—John Bottomley, The Voice (EUSPBA), Summer 2011