A Few New and Exciting Videos

Click here for the audio track of Mac Arthur Road

Click here for the audio track of The Blackbird

On stage in St.Johnsbury with Cantrip

Delightfully awkward moments with Cantrip

Here are some photos and vids from the road

Jon Bews & myself at the Reid Hall, Edinburgh

Celtic Classic, Bethlehem, Pennsylania

At a session near Kilmarnock

Zan McLeod, Jon Bews & myself at the Skye Theatre, S. Carthage, Maine

Skye Theatre

Jon Bews & myself at the Skye Theatre

Cam Robson & I at the Celtic Classic

EJ Jones and myself at the Pipers’ Gathering, Killington, Vermont

Cantrip at the Reid Hall

Cantrip: Calum Pasqua, Jon Bews, myself & Cam Robson at the New World Festival, Randolph, Vermont

A quick post gig moment of relaxation with Jon and Zan

Sue Petrov (I think...I can’t see) and myself at the Springstep Burns Night Ceilidh, Medford, Massachusetts

A wee tune session in Iain MacHarg’s kitchen, Marshfield, Vermont.

Cam, myself, Calum & Jon at the Celtic Classic

With Prydein at the Quechee Highland Games, Quechee, Vermont

A dose of the horn at the Quechee Highland Games, Quechee, Vermont

Salsa Celtica at the Dublin Irish Festival, Dublin, Ohio

Session at the Quiet Man: Franck Delieuvin,meself & Jacob Fournel, Toulouse

One night in Sandy Bells, Edinburgh, date unknown

More essioning in Iain’s Kitchen.

Ewan & I, Edinburgh

Cleaning bouzouki strings for recording, Marshfield, Vermont

Sue Petrov, Cal Pasqua, Doug Lamey, Hanneke Cassel & myself, Club Passim, Cambridge

BCM Fest House Band, Harvard Square

Session with Franck, Toulouse

The original Cantrip line up: Cammy Robson, Gavin Marwick, Jon Bews, myself & Ian Willis at the Festivale Interceltique de Lorient

A lovely breakfast with Sue Mack and Holly Morrison of the Ceilidh House, Pownal, Maine

Southern Celtic Arts Alliance gig, Memphis, Tennessee