Here are some photos from the road

Jon Bews & myself at the Reid Hall, Edinburgh

Celtic Classic, Bethlehem, Pennsylania

At a session near Kilmarnock

Zan McLeod, Jon Bews & myself at the Skye Theatre, S. Carthage, Maine

Skye Theatre

Jon Bews & myself at the Skye Theatre

Cam Robson & I at the Celtic Classic

EJ Jones and myself at the Pipers’ Gathering, Killington, Vermont

Cantrip at the Reid Hall

Cantrip: Calum Pasqua, Jon Bews, myself & Cam Robson at the New World Festival, Randolph, Vermont

A quick post gig moment of relaxation with Jon and Zan

Sue Petrov (I think...I can’t see) and myself at the Springstep Burns Night Ceilidh, Medford, Massachusetts

A wee tune session in Iain MacHarg’s kitchen, Marshfield, Vermont.

Cam, myself, Calum & Jon at the Celtic Classic

With Prydein at the Quechee Highland Games, Quechee, Vermont

A dose of the horn at the Quechee Highland Games, Quechee, Vermont

Salsa Celtica at the Dublin Irish Festival, Dublin, Ohio

Session at the Quiet Man: Franck Delieuvin,meself & Jacob Fournel, Toulouse

One night in Sandy Bells, Edinburgh, date unknown

More essioning in Iain’s Kitchen.

Ewan & I, Edinburgh

Cleaning bouzouki strings for recording, Marshfield, Vermont

Sue Petrov, Cal Pasqua, Doug Lamey, Hanneke Cassel & myself, Club Passim, Cambridge

BCM Fest House Band, Harvard Square

Session with Franck, Toulouse

The original Cantrip line up: Cammy Robson, Gavin Marwick, Jon Bews, myself & Ian Willis at the Festivale Interceltique de Lorient

A lovely breakfast with Sue Mack and Holly Morrison of the Ceilidh House, Pownal, Maine

Southern Celtic Arts Alliance gig, Memphis, Tennessee