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Dan Houghton (Mustela Bracarum) is a relatively rare and mostly nocturnal subspecies of the more common Mustela Tibicinans. Its range covers western Europe and the northern British Isles though most recent sightings suggest that it is confined to the woodland regions of northeastern North America.

Widely known for its skill on the Scottish Smallpipes, Borderpipes and Highland Bagpipes, under certain circumstances M. Bracarum has also been spotted playing Wooden Flute, Whistles, Guitar and Bouzouki. From spring to early autumn its call can often be heard echoing through northern boreal forests, primarily those of Vermont. Its call is generally more muted in winter as it spends much of its time in its den, in pubs and playing for Scottish dance functions during the darker season.

Though generally more solitary in its habits than its more common cousin, M. Tibicinans, it has been observed playing with guitarist Eric Macdonald (Vulpes Scalpans) and fiddler Jon Bews (Lontra Marsupio) in a group referred to by Zoömusicologists as Cantrip. In this configuration it has been observed as far north as the Orkney Isles of northern Scotland, as far east as Transalpine Gaul and as far west as the Rocky Mountains of North America. M. Bracarum has also been seen performing with the Edinburgh based band Salsa Celtica, the Toulouse based Doolin and the Boston based Scottish Country Dance band, Parcel of Rogues. In more recent times it has also played with Hazen Metro (Equis Barbicus) and Tristan Henderson () in Piper’s Den; withe the aforementioned V. Scalpans as duo group called Anxty and with harpist Rachel Clemente (Sciurus Fidium).

Over the past few decades Dan Houghton has been widely sought after for his particularly thick and waterproof pelt as well as his talents as a solo player and Highland Dance piper. He holds a BSc Hons I degree in Applied Mathematics & Geophysics from the University of Otago and an MLit degree in Gaelic Poetry and Language from the University of Edinburgh. Through the recent period of famine and pestilence he has relied on his lightning fast reflexes, camouflage and adaptability to produced a new solo CD, Borderpipe Personality Disorder, and several music videos.


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Borderpipe Personality Disorder

Represents Borderpipe Personality Disorder

Downloads now available on Bandcamp, iTunes & CD Baby!

Dan Borderpipe Personality Disorder Houghton
  1. Drink, Debauchery & €200
    • Drink, Debauchery & €200 – D. Houghton
    • Teigeis agus Dealg Innte, The Haggis
    • Unknown
    • Willie Murray’s
    • The Fourth Floor – D. Houghton
  2. Sheriffmuir
    • Alba Bheadarach, Beloved Scotland
    • The Battle of Sheriffmuir Walkabout – R. Burns
    • Théid Mi Dhachaigh Chrò Chinn t-Sàile, I will return home to Kintail
  3. The Horny Grey Goat
    • Boc Liath nan Gobhar is E ag Iarraidh Mnà, The Grey Buck Goat and he looking for females
    • Leutenant MacGuire
    • Freya’s Diplomacy – D. Houghton
    • The Old Woman’s Dance – D. MacLeod
  4. All Strathspeys All The Time
    • Bràighe Bhanbha, The Braes of Banff
    • Ho! ‘Se Mo Rùn an t-Oighfhear, My Love is a Young Man
    • Maggie Cameron
    • Am Monadh Mosg, Monymusk
  5. Blackbird
    • Blackbird – J. Goodenough
    • An Londubh, The Blackbird
  6. Fuaim man Tonn
    • Fuaim nan Tonn Ri Chaisteil Dùn t-Sròin, The Sound of the Waves
    • Calum Campbell’s Caprice – J. Wilson
    • Colonel MacLeod
    • Duntroon Castle
  7. Dark Eyed Molly
    • Dark Eyed Molly – A. Fisher
    • Findlay MacRae, – P. Cunningham
  8. Ms. Johnstone
    • Cail Johnstone – D. Houghton
  9. The Rejected Suitor and his Skinny Legs
    • Fear nan Casan Caola, The man with the skinny legs or The Rejected Sitor
    • Jenny’s Picking Cockels
    • The Swallow’s Tail
  10. Mad Tam of Bedlam
    • Mad Tam of Bedlam
    • La Danse des Condamnés, The ance of the Condemned
    • Burning of the Piper
  11. Uaimh an Óir
    • Uaimh an Óir, The Cave of Gold

The Long March Home

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Represents The Long March Home

Downloads now available on iTunes & CD Baby!

  1. Sheatadh Cailleach
    • Ho Gura h-aighearachd a-nochd a’ dol a laigh mi, Oh what a joy for me to go to bed tonight
    • The Pig Town Fling
    • Capeaval (Harris Dance)
    • Sheatadh Cailleach Ruidhleadh Cailleach, An old woman would set, an old woman would reel
  2. Caroline Davies’
    • Gan Ainm
    • Caroline Davies’ Walkabout – D. Houghton
    • Jon Bews’ Fantasy –D. Houghton
    • Nighean an Aoghair, The Pastor’s Daughter – D. Houghton
  3. The Long March Home
    • Captain Carswell – W. Lawrie
    • The Long March Home – D. Houghton
    • Campbell’s Farewell to Redcastle
    • I’m a Freeborn Man – E. MacColl
  4. Am Bogha Liath
    • Lord Moira/Dhannsamaid le Ailean, We would dance with Alan
    • A’ Chailleach-Oidhche, The Owl
    • Susan Lazel’s – G. Duncan
    • Am Boga Liath, The Grey Bog or Grey Bob
  5. The 51st’s Farewell
    • The 51st Highland Division’s Farewell to Sicily – H. Henderson
    • Farewell to the Creeks
  6. Dé bheatha ad’ shláinte, Uí Shúilleabháin Mhóir
    • Cruisgean an Dighe, The Jug of Punch
    • The Three Sea Captains
    • Máirseáil Úi Shúilleabháin, Ó Sullivan’s March or There was an old woman went up in a basket
    • The Stone Hatchet – D. Houghton
  7. 1649
    • The World Turned Upsidedown – L. Rosselson
    • An t-Allt Glass, The Grey Burn
  8. Madamme Bonaparte
    • Cuir laighe Bean a’ Bhainnse, The Bedding of the Bride
    • The Tinker’s Reel
    • The Potential Well – D. Houghton
    • Madamme Bonaparte
  9. Crònan na Cailleiche
    • Crònan na Cailleiche ‘sa Bheinn Bhrìc, The Milking Song of the Old Woman of Beinn Bhric or The Old Woman’s Lullaby
    • Cailleach Beinne Bhrìc ho ro
  10. Cailleach an Dùdain
    • Cailleach an Dùdain, Old Woman of the Mill Dust
    • Fosgail an Dorus, Open the Door
    • Caileag an Taighe, The Girl of the House
    • Is coma leam fhìn am ministear, What care I for the minister
  11. Beverly’s Waltz
    • Ged théid mi do m’leabaidh ‘s beag mo shunnd leis a’ chadal, Though I go to my bed it is little my joy with sleep
    • Beverly’s Waltz – D. Houghton

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